Sunday, July 27, 2008

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Novena to Santa Muerte

Novena to Santa Muerte

Satanism...the Un-Theism

A Satanist should approach the question of divinity with a bit of resolve.
Whether there is a deity or not should not hinder the lifestyle of the Satanist.
Your actions should reflect your own light.

We acknowledge and approach the universe knowing that it must be taken on alone.
In that regard true Satanism understands that there is no single source of Satanism. Each Satanist is a denomination of his or her own.
The question of "What is Satanism" should have as many defined forms as there are Satanists who practice the philosophy.

Magick or any occult science should be understood through education of past masters and their experiences.
Satanism is seperated from Atheism, Secular Humanism, or Deism by the practice of the Occult.
Our symbols and markings are reflective of the Occult lifestyle activities we participate in.

Our philosophy is so adored that some profess it to be their religion. That is an accepted way of explaining Satanism to an outsider. It is indeed a Philosophy that holds characteristics of dogmatic religion, but rejects the dependence of it.

Satanism is anti-Christianity. We reject all forms of Semitic Monotheism. Along with Monotheism, the backward worship of Pagan deities only serves to reject the advances in science and technology that modern man has made.
The mythologies of the past are just that, mere myth.

While certain Satanists may see fit to ally with each other, the Satanist is also free to reject another's interpretation of Satanism. You are not bound to associate with anyone, yet you are free to gather or create Leagues with anyone who shares a similarity in your philosophy/religion.

Satanism will never be a religion that can be claimed by any one denomination.
Satanism is the essence of Liberty and Freedom.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The neverending saga of that bitch, Paul Ross Evans

The other day I was sent an email directing me to a recently written letter from Paul Ross Evans in which he speaks very heavily about and to me.

If you happen to not know who this little boy is, Paul Ross Evans was the chap who sent me a mail bomb (one he admits to sending in his letter from prison where he is undoubtly getting his "fudge packed" as they say here in the mid-west.)
In his diatribe, the one point he keeps trying to drive home against me is actually the result of a misquote (or partial quote) from an article that was written about the situation of the bombings.

To save his twisted little brain any further trouble, I will state what I said.
I said that as far as a rejection of Jesus and a rejection of Christianity is concerned we are DEFINATELY Anti-Christianity. You cannot reject the divinity of Jesus and be Pro-Christianity. HOWEVER, we are not anti-christian in that we do not harm christians for simply having a different world view.
So as you can see Paul, I am Anti-Christianity.
Still, as I have several christian friends and feel they have a right to believe as they will in a country that my ancestors founded, I am not necessarily anti-christian.

His whole article shines a bright light on the severe limits of his mind.

His quickness to accept, at face value, the newspaper article he read is very similar to his belief in that book of mythology (the bible.)

He readily believes what he reads without thinking that what he is reading may not be totally accurate or even true.
He digs his flickering and stunted sinapses into whatever his psychotic mind will latch onto.
All to give his meaningless life some "purpose."

It seems that with the terrorist group the "Army of God" he has found an outlet to break the monotony of his constant reception of anal rapings, of which I am sure are received with more willingness on his part than he would like to admit.

Paul, I am indeed a Satanist, and I am indeed Anti-Christianity, I have no time or place for that 'religion' in my life.

To you Paul I say never fear, while I may have no time for christianity in my life, I do have time for a long list of other things.
A list that I am able to enjoy freely from the comfort of my home, or with the ability to see the trees and breathe the fresh air and be part of nature as I choose.
I can go see a movie or go visit good friends, some of them are even christian!!!
I can enjoy this life as I am not bothered by the make believe of a "world to come."

Can you say that Paul? Are you free? No, you are a prisoner, locked away for being a burden on this good and secular society.
You are even a prisoner of your own underdeveloped mind and I pity you.

Enjoy your false sense of righteousness, as I spread the word that one doesn't need a fake god to find true happiness.

I will become giddy knowing that as I see the beauty of the world and can chase my dreams, you will be staring at the same concrete, applying the same tube of hemmoroid ointment and reading the same practical Joke that I call "The New Testament."

I live happily and with great health and strength in a new secular order.

Paul, just face the truth.
You lost son, now serve your time and keep the cheeks clamped tight.